We care about your safety

Your safety reinvented

“You are the most important to us. Your needs and concerns help us to understand your world better. Our solutions will make you feel safe in your world.”

Our vision

We believe more people can live safer lives. We want to make safety available to everyone. What has been exclusive for most will become the standard! We provide friendly and efficient products and services. We connect technology and creativity. We don’t copy patterns, but search for our own solutions. Elephant is the symbol of a new way of thinking about safety.



Awards and partners

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Solutions created and dedicated especially for you

Friendly technology and efficient innovation enable us to create unique, but simple solutions. We use professional solutions that have only been available to an exclusive market until now.

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What inspires us

Meet our team

We are a group of people connecting different competences with a common vision and unique way of thinking. We are changing the face of Smart Security by providing the solutions previously available only for small select sector. We go beyond existing schemes and focus on security matter in a very innovative and multidimensional way.




Founder & CEO



Head of Engineering