We believe more people can live safer lives

Technology is our passion. We see technology as a tool to create things everyone needs. We want to give security and confidence to people in various parts of the world. We want to create accessible, needed and beautifully designed solutions. We want Anna to feel safe in her apartment, we want Tim to drive anxiety-free, and we want Robert to not to worry about his office when he leaves town. Sara needs to feel confident when she returns home at night.

Safety should not have limits. That is why we get rid of them.
So everyone can feel safer - always and everywhere.

We care about your safety

Safety. Health. Better life.

We use technologically advanced solutions in a way that makes them friendly. We want to protect you in many different ways. This is why we do not limit our work to a single category. What is more, we cooperate with consultants associated with the police, developers, insurers, and many others.

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Everything started with a burglary.

In 2014 our friend had her flat burgled and everything was stolen. We could see how annoyed and helpless she was. Not only did she lose a lot of valuable items but also something far more important – the sense of security.
Just the thought of someone walking into her flat and nobody hearing anything was frightening. The owner of the flat she was renting did not let her have the alarm system installed. He was afraid that the flat would have to be redecorated afterwards and that there would be some additional costs and commitments.

Even though our friend had her locks changed into deadlocks she couldn’t help thinking that the burglar might “visit” her again. We soon realised that her trauma would not pass that quickly. We wanted to help her and we were furious that there was so little we could do. We stated searching for solutions that would help her get her peace of mind again.

We had to learn a lot.

We were getting familiar with various types of security methods – burglar proof doors and looks, and all types of alarm system. We realized a few things. First of all, no lock is an obstacle for a burglar. We were all shocked that a lock can be opened with a simple tool such as a screwdriver or a crow bar, and it just takes a few seconds. Some of us already had the alarm systems in their houses but the thought that any place can be burgled so easily was yet another impulse to look for a good solution

As we knew the door was no obstacle and the flat could be burgled easily, we started looking for an ideal alarm system. We were to be disappointed yet again. Despite the fact that the search was long and thorough we couldn’t find a satisfactory solution. Traditional alarm systems are complicated. Moreover, they are usually quite expensive and you usually have to redecorate your flat after the system has been installed. Besides, you need to pay someone to have it done – a stranger who mingles around your house and finds out what’s where. Still an extra that usually goes with the package is the contract with the security agency, whose costs need to be covered on a monthly basis. We were quite sceptical about the effectiveness of such a service - after the alarm goes off the security staff arrives after several minutes (or even more!) when the burglar is long gone.

We wanted the world to be a better place.

As we had enough knowledge we started drawing conclusions. We created our own vision of a device which each of us would like to have and which would give our friend the sense of security. We began to put all the bits and pieces of such a solution together. It had to be cordless and renovation after the installation was out of the question. Then it could be installed in our friend’s rented flat without the owner’s consent. The installation itself should be easy so anyone could do it themselves within just a few minutes. And where shall we have it installed?

On the door as this is the easiest way for the burglar to get into the flat. We also believe that what is happening around the area of the door is quite crucial. It has to be a device that instantly informs us that something wrong is going on. A smartphone would be the best solution because everybody has one at all times. At the very end, we were considering one more yet the most complicated aspect – functionality. Unanimously we agreed that it would be best to have a device that already detects the attempted burglary before the burglar gets into the flat. It would scare off the burglar and prevent the burglary. If only we could get the information about the attempted burglary directly onto our smartphone… It would be even better if our neighbour could get it too and check what is happening. Such a solution could prevent many burglaries!

We wanted to dispel all our concerns and check if creating such a device is at all possible. We talked to consultants from various areas of expertise. We engaged engineers, designers, programmers and experts of other disciplines and we learned every nook and cranny of the security industry. We strongly believed that security cannot be available only to just a few ones. We knew that technology and creativity would help us create an everyday solution for everyone. There was one aim behind all this – to create a device that would give our friend as well as millions of people around the world a peace of mind. We have been working hard for over 3 years and today we just want to say one thing: we have succeeded!



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