Meet Elephant

Meet Elephant

People, safety, innovation - these are the words that became our motto during the formation of our company Elephant. It all started rather unusually: due to a burglary. With what had happened tension grew in each of us, until we finally found an innovative approach to ensure safety in the city and in apartments.


It started several months ago when it struck us… Necessity is the mother of invention. There was a break in, in the home of one of our colleagues. This event was the spark that led to an avalanche of ideas on how to improve the safety of life in the city.


Friend of our team member Radek phoned outraged explaining what had happened. After returning from work our friend found his entire apartment in shambles. Broken into in broad daylight. He had just invested in new, reinforced doors but the faulty lock turned out to be their shortcoming. The burglars had entered easily.  They took everything of any value: the laptop, the tablet, and irreplaceable jewelry considered family heirlooms.  The police were called but their hands were tied. They promised to monitor pawnshops for the lost valuables but that’s about all they could do. The fact still remained that there had been a stranger in the apartment.


In this situation there was one fundamental question to be asked. Why was there no alarm system in the apartment? In response we received a flood of harsh criticisms about the security system industry. A colleague was considering installing an alarm, but the complicated process was immediately discouraging. To install an alarm system you need to meet with a specialist to check your apartment. This usually happens multiple times before moving forward. Then they have to evaluate potentially vulnerable areas in the apartment as well as the value of the installation. Then they finally quote a price. Could take weeks. You also have to consider extensive damage to many walls while installing a control unit. Say good bye to your pretty (fresh redesigned) interior. Expect lots of plastic and ugly sensors all over the place. After it’s all said and done the alarm costs, minimum a few thousand not including major renovations! Not a great perspective.


We thought our colleauge was blowing things out of proportion. Not lying, just exaggerating.  So, we decided to check it out for ourselves. We discovered he was right. By studying the market, we stumbled onto countless complex systems straight from the 80s. "Experts" offering expensive but not usually effective solutions with a horrible design. Everything seemed to be designed in such a way as to make life more difficult, rather than easier!


The home security industry is not sufficient enough for today's need for safety. Especially with domestic burglary statistics looking more and more frightening. Only 17% of apartments are equipped with alarm systems!

This was enough for us to take it upon ourselves to make the situation right. Currently, the lack of functional, affordable solutions results in low level of security or no security at all. People do not feel comfortable in their own homes. This is absurd and we want to change it!


Elephant has a different way of thinking about people and their needs and fears. Our products are a response to the real problem of security, which each of us face. We focused on a solution that merged friendly technology with innovation. We focused on efficiency, functionality and simplicity. Our devices are intuitive and anyone can use them. We also took into consideration that they will become part of your home décor. So the timeless design was an easy choice.


Soon you will learn more about how to live safer. Stay with us. It’s worth it.

Friday, 25 September 2015 14:57