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Elephant Door changing

How is Elephant Door changing?

Changes? Sure, but only for the better! – this statement perfectly reflects our way of thinking, not just in terms of product development, but also in everyday life. As a result, we're not afraid to turn the world upside down, to question our own ideas (even the best ones!) or to think far into the future. How can we modernize a solution that's already innovative? That's a challenge worthy of the Elephant team!

At first glance you'll notice the changes we've made in the elegant design of Elephant Door. The structure of the alarm, although modified, has remained modern and fits into any interior. A significant part of the new construction is the metal grille – just like the kind you find in speakers. This modification gives us confidence that Elephant is not only designer, but also effective.

The main objective for us in introducing the modifications was simple: to maximize the volume of the siren. It's now based on new Power Sound Waves technology. Furthermore, the volume now reaches 120 dB instead of 100 dB. This is very important because the siren is a deterrent to burglars before they even get inside the apartment. This solution will allow potential victims of burglary to avoid the damage associated with sudden forcing of the door. After all, it's common knowledge that it's much better to prevent unpleasant events than to deal with their inconvenient effects.

Why weren't we happy with what we already had? Haven't we been resting on our laurels, satisfied with our work on our first attempt? The answer is simple: we'll do everything to make our product even more effective and even more polished. It's all for your security.