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elephant desing

Design matters

Form or function? Several years ago, when choosing household equipment, we were often faced with this dilemma. Today the market is much more flexible, adapted to the various expectations of its customers. In conjunction with the development of technology, anything is possible. We can spend hours searching for the perfect desk lamp. Cancel the purchase of a particular toaster just because it doesn't fit in with our kitchen decor. Choose freely between kettles, telephones, televisions... Anything that finds its way into our home can fulfil its function while also being pleasing to the eye. We like to surround ourselves with beautiful things.

Why don't we place the same requirements on our alarm systems? When we decide to install an alarm, we agree to the neat interiors of our houses and apartments being marred by ugly installations. Safety is the overriding objective and looking nice comes second. It's a case of "the lesser evil".

It's worth pausing for a moment and asking yourself a simple question: why should I face such a choice? Does it have to be this way? Does the security market have to fall behind? Have alarm designers forgotten about the needs of today's customers? In fact, design and functionality aren't opposites – they aren't mutually exclusive, they should be one and the same. An effective alarm needn't look bad. Beautiful gadgets and interior decorations needn't be impractical.

This was our thinking in creating Elephant door. Our goal: to design an alarm that doesn't detract from the beauty of the interior surrounding it! Over time, we decided to go one step further – to create a device that will take pride of place on the door. Given how different human tastes are and how rapidly fashions change, the realization of this great idea turned out to be quite a challenge.

It soon became clear that our work on Elephant door had to run along two parallel tracks. The effectiveness and functionality of an alarm that ensures personal safety was combined with aesthetics and modern design. You can see the results for yourselves. This is the designer Elephant door – the alarm that fits every door in every apartment, worldwide!