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Sprawniejszy od włamywacza
of break-ins are made through the door

elephant door™
outsmarts the burglar

  • Proprietary Smart Warning System technology
  • Detects break-in attempts
  • Scares off the burglar with a loud buzzer
  • Sends smartphone notifications
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There is a burglary in every

Begin living secured
It's simple!

No matter if you own or rent your flat. You can now take your elephant door™ anywhere you move to.

We will ensure your peace of mind.

elephant door will guard your home
A burglary takes only
2-5 minutes

elephant door™
will guard your home

  • It is the first security system dedicated for flats
  • It will alarm you before the burglary
  • It will give you time to respond swiftly
  • You will self-install it in just a minute
A burglar's loot is worth even
3 000

Protect your valuables

Your things

  • PieniądzeMoney
  • BiżuteriaJewellery
  • ElektronikaElectronic
  • ElektronikaDocuments
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of offenders get successfully scared off

elephant door™ alarms your neighbours

We are well aware that your neighbour is often closest to the scene. That is why not only will they hear the buzzer but they will also get a smartphone notification. This will enable a quick response before you get back to your flat.

We encourage neighbourhood support!

Secure your precious stuff

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You can also write us at:

Sales: sales@myelephant.co
Info: info@myelephant.co