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To install elephant door™ you just need your smartphone and the alarm with door mount.

  1. Fix the mount (the mount is located on the back of elephant™) to the door. First, remove the protective strips of adhesive tape. Then place the elephant door™ on the inner side of the door (inside the home) in the upper corner above the door handle.

  2. Download the dedicated mobile application to your smartphone (it is available in AppStore and Google Play). Install the application and sign in (follow the instructions on the display). The steps will help you create a user account and pair the device using the alarm QR code. It will also help you to test the equipment.

    Remember! During installation, you need to have access to the internet. The application will send a message asking you to confirm your email address.

  3. From this point forward you can enjoy a safe apartment/home and sleep easy.

Yes, elephant door™ is a stand-alone device. A Bluetooth® adapter, Wi-Fi, all the necessary sensors, and a loud 110 db+ siren. The only thing needed to operate your elephant door™ device is a smartphone with the dedicated mobile application or a remote control.

Yes, but remember it requires more time if you aren't near the alarm. The principal connection to any elephant door™ device is via Bluetooth® as it is energy efficient and requires less frequent charging time. Being near the alarm (ideally 10 meters or less) the settings will change in real time. It is also possible to set the alarm from your account at www.myelephant.co. In that case, the update may take a bit longer.

We are working to make elephant door™ available everywhere for everyone. However the first edition will be available for European Union, USA and Canada. Additionally, we are working hard to provide all users with a comprehensive Elephant Service. Not only will it provide the proper relevant subscriptions at preferential terms, but also full support from elephant specialists. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for every user, providing telephone support and advice after a possible break-in. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. Doing so puts you in the know and you will be immediately informed of all the elephant door™ news and its availability in your country.

Elephant door™ has been designed to be compatible with every single door in the world. The combination of advanced sensors and universal mounting makes elephant door™ suitable for every door structure no matter what the material. They can be wooden, plastic, metal, glass, etc. However, there are some limitations that may impair the mounting of the elephant door™ device:

  1. The surface must be smooth, so that the tape fixings adhere well. If paint is falling off the door or the door is painted with a non-adhesive paint or material, frequent opening and closing and/or slamming the door may cause the product to fall off.

  2. An alarm siren is installed directly in the device and it is not fitted on the outer side of the door. Therefore, in some cases, especially with the doors that are very tight and sound resistant, the sound of the siren may be muffled.

Yes! If you feel the need to protect doors within your apartment/home elephant door™ works on any door it's mounted to.

Elephant door™ works without Wi-Fi connection. It detects break-ins and uses buzzer to scare off burglars. You may also get notifications via Bluetooth® if you are within range of 8-10m.

Elephant door™ is designed to protect the outer, front, and entrance doors. The unique combination of sensors is designed to protect those particular places best. If for instance, you rent a room and you are concerned about the safety of your belongings while away, elephant door™ can also be installed on a door within an apartment/home. Elephant door™ is not intended to be mounted or fitted to windows but soon a product by elephant will be created exclusively for that purpose.

We know that doors and windows are the two weakest points in an apartment/home. Through research and observation we have concluded that doors are more vulnerable to burglaries and for that reason we decided to eradicate that crucial problem first. Elephant door™ is not intended to be mounted or fitted to windows but soon we will present a product created exclusively for that purpose.

According to both our research and public opinion, most domestic burglaries take place through doors. In addition, more than 90% of breaks-ins happen forcibly. The methods are different: digging, destroying the lock, using lock picks, etc. Each of these methods causes the door to vibrate different ways and eventually leads to it being opened. Elephant door™ is able to detect the types of vibrations that are typical for burglaries and in turn immediately inform the inhabitants of a possible threat. This is possible due to the three types of built-in sensors that interpret real-time events.

The trend to use cameras with face or motion detection is not unknown to us. But while creating elephant door™ we were committed to eliminating any solutions that could become a possible threat themselves. Monitoring, despite recording completely masked thieves in your apartment/home, may also carry further risk. Recorded data can be stolen or used against you. Devices can be hacked and tampered with without our knowledge. As far as our product is concerned, a camera is an unnecessary element. It simply does not perform the most important function our product ensures. The quickest possible response to a potential threat to any door. By creating elephant door™ we wanted to build a specialized device that executes one basic task. Protection against potential threat.

Yes! Just buy an extra mount and place it on any door that you want secured (see: How to Install elephant door™?).

There is one remote control included with every purchase. It works only with the alarm it was purchased for! The remote control uses Bluetooth® technology. You can turn on (button 0) and off (button I) the alarm only if you are within range(10 meters or less). If you press both buttons at the same time, it activates the elephant Panic Button, which sets off the alarm siren.

If you press both buttons on the remote at the same time (button O and button I) you will turn on the alarm siren. The same function is also featured in the mobile application. Use the elephant Panic Button whenever you feel threatened or in danger. You can also use it when you need to alert your neighbors, e.g. in an emergency. The elephant Panic Button was created especially for the elderly. It can be used whenever help is needed that they can't handle themselves (not being able to reach or open the door or reach a phone).

Yes, in our store you will be able to buy any number of remote controls. Each of them will be specially encoded by us and assigned only to your device.

Yes. Any time, in order to perform any action, you can select which device it pertains to.

Let us know and we'll immediately deactivate it. Another remote control is available in all our elephant stores.

Contact us as soon as possible so that we can assign a new password to your device.